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Class J 611 Away from the VMT until April 25


 Buy Tickets NowIn addition to opportunities to ride and watch 611 roll by on excursions in 2016, the public is invited to take advantage of a number of special opportunities to get up close to 611 under steam, take photos, and meet the crew.


“We are very excited to offer this experience that people haven’t had before, to get really close to 611,” said Jim Stump, Forward 611 committee chair for the VMT. “We will be taking 611 to new destinations and giving communities an exciting opportunity to celebrate their history and rail heritage. It is amazing to experience this engine fired up.”


  • Over the weekend of May 14, 2016 – visitors to the Virginia Museum of Transportation will get to view 611 fired up, and meet the crew.
  • June 4, 2016 – After the morning excursion, 611 will make a guest appearance at the Manassas, Va., Heritage Railway Festival.
  • June, 2016 – 611 will be on display at the VMT.
  • July, 2016 – 611 will be featured at the North Carolina Transportation Museum for special events.
  • Early August, 2016 – 611 will return to the VMT.
  • Early September, 2016 – 611 again will return to the NCTM for special events and maintenance.
  • Sept. 24-25, 2016 – 611 will travel to Danville, Va., to be featured during Danville Rail Heritage Days.
  • 611 will return to Roanoke after the NCTM events conclude in the fall. 

The events at the NCTM and the City of Danville involve only the locomotive and its crew. No excursions to Danville or to Spencer (NCTM) are offered.

For event information and to sign up for email notifications, visit www.FireUp611.org.