Protect. Preserve. Sustain.

“It is a story of vision, of human effort toward that dream, and of accomplishment.”

Clarence E. Pond, Norfolk & Western Railway
General Manager, Motive Power and Equipment

Here in Roanoke, the Norfolk & Western accomplished the extraordinary—they designed, built and maintained the most powerful, the most distinctive and the most advanced steam freight and passenger locomotives in the world.

Three examples of Norfolk & Western’s incredible accomplishments survive today: The Class J 611™, the Class A 1218 and the Class Y6a 2156 (on loan from the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri.)

The Virginia Museum of Transportation tells the N&W story so that future generations can see steam technology up close, and understand America’s industrial power and how the railroad helped to build our country.

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Preservation and Education Facility

To preserve, protect and maintain the Norfolk & Western Giants of Steam, the Virginia Museum of Transportation is building an Preservation and Education Facility.

The facility will help the Museum preserve the Class J 611™ and sustain the donations made by thousands of 611 fans from around the world who have contributed to Fire Up 611!

The three-track, climate-controlled facility will also protect and preserve the Class A 1218 and the Class Y6a 2156 steam freight locomotives. 

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