New projects — like the valves and cylinders!

Ultrasonic testing is complete (and results are being analyzed).  Superheater testing and repair is underway. So what now? The 611 mechanical team is moving on to other projects —  like the valves and cylinders.  The Class J locomotives […]

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Stoke Her Fire

Simple lines, a bullet nose, a midnight black façade, a Tuscan stripe and a baritone whistle make her the most distinguished steam locomotive left in the world. She’s an engineering powerhouse of steam, technology and near mechanical perfection.

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Steam Forever! 

The Virginia Museum of Transportation raised enough to restore the Class J 611. But, we’ll keep chugging along until we have the funds for the dedicated maintenance facility. Our goal: To not only to restore this American icon, but to keep her steaming along for decades. With your help, we can do it!